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Junie B. Jones The Musical Open Auditions

This audition notice was sent to the Callboard via email and has no contact info, and there is no information about the auditions on the theater's website. We are providing a copy of the document that was attached to the email for you. The email was sent from this email address. You can visit The Landland Community Theatre web site and view the show listing HERE.

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You must be 13 years old and older to audition

Auditions are July 18th & 19th at 5:30 pm. Please feel free to come either night.

At the audition you will fill out an audition form. You may bring a resume or head shot with you; however this is not required. Please bring a list of conflicts with you to fill out on our form.

For the audition you must have prepared 16 bars of a musical theatre selection (not from this show) to sing from memory. Please bring the music with you for our accompanist to play. Parents are not allowed in the audition room; however a parent or guardian must stay and wait for their child at the theatre during the entire audition process.

After your vocal audition you will learn a short, choreographed dance routine to perform in a small group. Once you are done dancing for the director, you are free for the night unless notified to do otherwise. We will try not to keep you past 10:00 pm.

Callbacks will be held Thursday July 21st at 5:30 pm. Getting called back does not mean you are cast; not getting called back does not mean you are not cast.

A cast list will be posted on our Facebook page no later than July 25th. If you are cast you will receive a phone call before this date. If you are not cast you will receive an email before this date.

Rehearsals will begin within a week after auditions with a read through. Parents must attend this initial meeting/rehearsal. A $25 participation fee is required at this time for those under the age of 18.

Tech Sunday is September 18th from 1:00 to 9:00 pm. Everyone is called.

Dress Rehearsals are the week of September 19th through opening. These rehearsals may run as late as 10:00 pm.

Our Stage Manager will be in communication through email with frequent updates on rehearsal times and scheduling.
The show runs September 23rd-25th: Friday at 6:30; Saturday at 10:30; Sunday at 2:00.

School Matinees are September 21st and 22nd. Cast and crew must be available ALL DAY.

If you miss more than 3 rehearsals, we may replace you.

If you have a conflict ANY DAY between July 20th and September 25th you MUST MAKE NOTE of this on your AUDITION FORM. If you tell us of conflicts ahead of time, we can create a better-suited rehearsal schedule if you are cast. You must be available for EVERY PERFORMANCE.

Please be available to stay and work strike the night of September 25th. Parents and family who can help work are greatly appreciated!